Tarantula venom will help get rid of chronic pain in the gut

Irritable bowel syndrome is still largely unknown disease. And scientists from the U.S. and Australia established a framework for the development of severe pain characteristic of the disease, studying the components of the venom of tarantulas. Such functional bowel disease as the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is extremely common. Meanwhile, scientists still don’t know the […]

The latest method of treatment of multiple sclerosis is effective but requires caution

Existing methods of therapy of multiple sclerosis is mainly aimed at reducing the activity of the immune system of patients, and the scientists of Canada have successfully treated these patients using a combined method, which, however, is not devoid of side effects. The staff of the canadian University of Ottawa (University of Ottawa in Canada) […]

Treatment of impotence

Any decrease in an erection, especially if it is repeated and each time another attempt is deteriorating, suggests that we urgently need to see a specialist. You’re not the first and not the last you who are faced with this problem, and believe me, modern science has learned a lot about this issue and quite […]

Who often forgets to take medications on time?

Old age – time chronic illnesses that require regular medication. On the other hand, an elderly person, it is often difficult to remember the medications and dosages to facilitate this task may be his relatives. Many common diseases that develop in old age, are related to each other (for example, diabetes mellitus 2nd type, atherosclerosis […]

Smartphones can cause temporary vision loss

Usually loss of vision for a few minutes or hours is considered by doctors as a symptom of minor stroke. And British physicians reported 2 cases of transient blindness, which was the result of viewing smartphone display with one eye in the dark. Usually in medical journals published articles that described the results of long […]