How to survive a hip fracture

Hip fracture is the result of a fall on the pelvic region, which violated the integrity of the bone in the area of the femoral neck. This injury is dangerous at any age, fracture is easier fused under the age of 30 years. All patients after 30 years of splicing the femoral neck is a […]

4 ways to get rid of depression in the elderly

Depression in old age is due to different reasons. Lack of attention, lack of faith in yourself, a feeling of uselessness and helplessness – all this puts a psychological block to clean which is very difficult. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to provide proper care for the elderly. But this is sometimes not […]

The basic principles of health

These statements unworldly doctor, to whom thousands of lives, which created its own health system and cured many of his patients, contains all basic principles of modern preventive medicine. The idea that advanced medicine is of little help to preserve and enhance the public health of course is not new. In the 70s talked about […]