The Ilizarov method is now successfully used in plastic surgery…

Invented by talented Soviet surgeon has more than 60 years ago, the device for transosseous osteosynthesis, intended for the treatment of severe fractures and congenital deformities of the limbs, found an unexpected application in the “medicine of beauty”.

British researchers conducted an analysis of trends in modern plastic surgery and found that in different regions of the planet there are some differences in the demand for those or other operations to improve appearance.

For example, in the United States is still very popular intervention that provides women, mothers, return antenatal form. This comprehensive intervention includes liposuction, abdominoplasty (surgery for the tummy tuck) and the installation of silicone breast implants.

And in India a huge demand for is quite complex and associated with risk of complications surgery for leg lengthening. Thanks to this risky procedure, women are able to kill two birds with one stone: to increase growth of 8-10 cm and become the owners of long legs, just like the famous models and stars of the podium.

To do this, the surgeons anesthetized patients scratching their perfectly healthy leg bones and set in places of fractures compression-distraction apparatus, better known as the Ilizarov apparatus. Despite the pain and loss for several weeks the ability to walk normally, thousands of Indian girls and women decide on such an extreme method to “improve appearance”.

In India there is a perception that high growth women contributes to her successful marriage and career.

And in Iran the most popular surgery to improve the shape of the nose. 40 000 plastic surgeries that are performed annually in this country, more than 60% account for such interference.

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