Live sardine stuffed with herbs: treatment of asthma in Indian

In the Indian city of Hyderabad hosted the annual session of mass treatment of asthma. A method of therapy that is used for the past 170 years, different “exotic” patients have to swallow live fish stuffed with a secret mixture of herbs.

Every year tens of thousands of residents of India (India), suffering from bronchial asthma come from all over the vast country in the city of Hyderabad (Hyderabad).

Here they hope to be healed of their diseases using the method that produces the impression of extremely unusual even for the folk medicine.
Healers of the family Batini the Gouda (Bathini Goud) pushed into the mouth of living fish, which bring patients, vegetable mixture, the composition of which is held by the family members in the strictest confidence. After the “patients” need to swallow a fish alive.

For ritual use only sardines and fish species of Asian snakehead (Ophiocephalus), which sold immediately. The authorities not only failed to prevent “the exorcism of asthma”, but also partly sponsor the sale of fish, which costs only 15 rupees per share ($0.07 US).
The day of the session of mass healing from asthma each year is determined by the astrologers – the treatment may continue for not more than 24 hours.

However, all patients swallowing the healing fish, get strict recommendations regarding lifestyle.

They are advised to follow a special diet for the next 45 days. Fried foods are forbidden, but is allowed to eat lamb meat, rice, dried fruit mango, topline ghee and 21 more products.
Family members healers claim that their ancestors got the recipe of the composition for the treatment of asthma from one of the Holy elder, almost 170 years ago.

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