Why did the British athlete on the eve of the Olympic games donated sperm in a Cryobank

2 weeks ago, the who officially declared that the danger of infection Zeke for participants of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro is minimal. But the British athlete Greg Rutherford, who wants a second child, decided to take precautions.

Olympic champion long jump 2012, world and European champion British athlete Greg Rutherford (Greg Rutherford) must come to the start of the XXXI Olympiad, which will begin on 5 August in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro).

However, the family Council it was decided that the civil wife of the champion Verrill Susie (Susie Verrill) and his son Milo (Milo Rutherford) ‘ll be watching his performances on TV and in Rio will not go to avoid the risk of Contracting zika virus.

At the end of may, the world health organization (who) issued a statement which stated that the grounds for transfer or cancellation of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro because of an outbreak of zika fever in Brazil no.

However, suzy Verrill in an article written specially for the magazine Standard Issue Magazine, admitted that the who statement did not put an end to her concern about the health of Greg, their son and herself.
She also said that recently her husband had handed over samples of their semen for storage in one of the clinics of reproductive medicine, as the pair is planning in the future to have more kids.

Who statement on the fact that staying in Rio de Janeiro, located in the southern hemisphere, where August is a winter month, quite safe from the point of view of infection with zika virus, appeared in response to the open letter by nearly 150 scientists from many countries.

The authors of the letter argued that the Games in Rio should be moved to another date, or take place in another country, or even cancelled because of allegedly high risk of infection participants and fans zika virus.

It is assumed that the infection of adults by this virus is associated with risk of development of neurological disease, and infection of pregnant women increases the risk of fetal microcephaly.

In addition, it was found that zika virus can be sexually transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one.

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