Portable apparatus for hemodialysis – is already a reality

People with progressive kidney failure have to save my life a few times a week to visit health clinics where they clean the blood with hemodialysis systems. And in the United States was pilot-tested first wearable artificial kidney.

At the time, the creation of a method of hardware of the hemodialysis became a real breakthrough in urology and Nephrology. Apparatus for purification of blood from metabolic products of the body perform the functions of diseased kidneys, which in modern conditions allows the majority of patients with chronic renal failure to wait for the queue for the transplant of a donor organ.

However, even the most modern devices for hemodialysis is quite cumbersome for the procedure, patients have to spend a lot of time on the road to the clinic and the procedure takes several hours.

And Professor Victor Gura (Victor Gura) from medical and research center USA clinic cedars-Sinai (Cedar-Sinai Medical Center) has developed a portable apparatus for hemodialysis, which limits the activity of patients is significantly smaller than stationary devices.

The device is called the Wearable Artificial Kidney (wearable artificial kidney). The first phase of testing of the device was conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle (University of Washington in Seattle) – such tests started in October last year.

Scientists have increased the number of participants in the study gradually, as the use of a fundamentally new apparatus has required careful monitoring of the health status of subjects in many settings.

It was discovered that in addition to providing a sufficient level of blood purification of the wearable artificial kidney has some advantages in comparison with standard dialysis equipment. For example, the patients used a portable “gadget”, had a special diet – but for patients on hemodialysis, standard hardware this is a must.

The first phase of testing revealed and the design flaws of the device Wearable Artificial Kidney – in particular, the non-appearance of carbon dioxide bubbles in the dialysis solution.

However, the inventors are confident that we will be able to quickly correct any deficiencies and allow you to proceed to the next phase of testing with a much larger number of participants.

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