Police USA need to ban a new synthetic opioid

Police departments 4 States in the US require prohibition in legislation of the new drug, which is sold via the Internet. Traffickers use the loopholes in the legislation for free trade deadly drug.

The sellers of drugs are periodically dumped on the market of new synthetic drugs that are not in the official list of drugs prohibited for free circulation in the United States. Until, when legislators will react to the emergence of a “new” usually takes some time, during which the traffickers manage to hit the jackpot, and then to replace the prohibited substance with the new.

A similar phenomenon is observed now in the United States with a synthetic opioid called U-47700. This substance is almost 8 times more powerful than morphine, and drug addicts can take it in pill form or through intravenous injection.

According to information from the press release of Department on fight against drugs of the USA (U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration) for several months the country registered at least 50 deaths caused by an overdose of U-47700.

Police 4 States – Kansas, Ohio, Wyoming, and Georgia (Kansas, Ohio, Wyoming and Georgia) insist that the legislative Assembly of the state as soon as possible included U-47700 in the list of prohibited drugs.

This substance was first synthesized by scientists in a pharmaceutical company from the United States in the mid 70-ies of XX century, researchers have been searching for alternatives to analgesics based on morphine, which did not have the side effects of this opiate.

U-47700 have not found application in medicine, but modern manufacturers of drugs used it the description contained in the patent literature and old scientific journals, in order to establish the underground production of this sinteticheskogo opioid drug.

The specialists of the Drug Enforcement Administration first detected the emergence of U-47700 on the underground drug market of the US recently – in December 2015.

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