The disease of two sisters – the role of heredity in the development of breast cancer

The authors of scientific and scientific-popular publications right in saying that many cancer cases could be avoided through a healthy lifestyle. However, the presence of relatives with cancer – the reason for the checks at the doctor.

The regular and numerous reports in the media about the sinister role of Smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyle in cancer development may lead to the impression that the components of tobacco smoke and metabolic disorders are hardly the main cause of cancer.

However, in fact, the role of genetic factors in the development of cancer (primarily breast cancer and ovarian) remain very significant. For this reason, people who have family there or have relatives, patients of the clinics, it would be advisable to undergo regular medical examination and to pass special tests.

It would also be useful to conduct genetic analysis for the presence of gene variants that increase the risk of developing certain forms of cancer.

Convincing evidence that, at least in relation to breast cancer, heredity remains a significant risk factor is the story of 2 sisters from USA Sheri and Annette Paige (Sharee and Annette Page).

It is worth noting that, despite the huge resemblance, the sisters are not twins: Sheri 34 years, and Annette turned 36 years old.

Recently, with a difference less than 2 weeks both sisters had been diagnosed with “breast cancer”. First a large tumor in her left breast he found Annette – subsequently, the doctors found she has breast cancer stage III. After learning about the sad event in the life of the sisters, Sheri conducted breast self-exams and also found the seal. It turned out to be the same form of cancer, but stage II.

Genetic analysis showed that both women are carriers of a particular variant of the BRCA2 gene, which significantly (10-fold compared with carriers of the normal version of the gene) increases the risk of developing malignant tumors of the breast.

Sheri and Annette Paige has a few sisters. They learn about the serious diagnosis of female relatives who have passed a special examination, which discovered a dangerous variant of a gene, one of the women. From breast cancer died, grandmother and great-grandmother of the sisters Paige, and their mother a few years ago, doctors successfully cured from a malignant tumor of the larynx. This woman is also the bearer of a special variant of the BRCA2 gene.

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