New recommendations for prevention of infection with zika virus

Just a few months ago, it was discovered that the transmission of zika virus can occur through sexual contact. At the same time was promulgated the first who guidelines on how to protect themselves from being infected partner. Now these rules have become more stringent.

It is no exaggeration to say that in the last 6 months, scientists have learned about the properties of zika virus is much more than all the 59 years since its opening.

One of these important discoveries was the discovery of the ability of the virus for several weeks to dwell in men’s semen even after tests show its absence in the blood.

This spring the world health organization (who) first published recommendations for prevention of infection with zika virus during sex.

Who experts advise to use condoms for at least 4 weeks during intimacy with a partner who recently visited countries in South and Central America. (As other preventive measures recommended abstinence for the same time period).

And in the middle of this week came a press release from the who, which contains a new edition of these recommendations.

The changes were caused by the fact that scientists have discovered the ability of the zika virus to survive in semen for a longer period of time than previously thought.

Now to practice safe sex (or completely abstain from sex) with a partner, who was in one of the most dangerous regions, should be on for 8 weeks instead of 4.

Additionally, the presence of the partner of the symptoms of zika fever, which most of those infected have been mild, is the reason to use a condom for at least 6 months.

In may, an article was published, the authors found the Zeke virus in the semen of British who visited the cook Islands in South Pacific ocean, 62 days after his return home.

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