Smart children often born to women who fruit

Scientists say that women who during pregnancy regularly eat fruit, children, as a rule, are born more gifted. Even at the age of just 1 year, these kids are characterized by higher development of intelligence.

The inclusion of older people in the diet rich in fruits is effective in the prevention of many diseases – this is due to the high content of antioxidants in this kind of food.

But scientists from the University of Alberta (University of Alberta) for the first time, found that fruit in the diet of the future mother not only improve the pregnancy but have a most beneficial effect on the brain development of the fetus.

Canadian researchers extensively surveyed 688 mothers about the peculiarities of their lifestyle during pregnancy, including nutrition. When the children of these women were executed for 12 months, scientists with the help of special tests determined the coefficient of their intellectual development.

It was found that compared to children of mothers who ate little fruit in pregnancy, toddlers participants who ate the daily conditional 6-7 servings of fruits, gathered when testing on 6-7 points more.

In this case, 1 conventional serving of fruit is 1 small Apple or 1 large orange or 1 banana, and ½ Cup fresh raspberries or grapes.

The next stage of the study, similar results were obtained during experiments with flies-fruit flies. The offspring of females treated with regular fruit juice, characterized by high memorability.

Fruit flies were selected for experiments by chance: 85% of their genes involved in brain function, completely identical to the human.

However, scientists have warned pregnant women from the uncontrolled consumption of fresh fruit and especially fruit juices. The optimal number should in each case be discussed with the doctor, because such food contains a lot of sugar, which can lead to the development of gestational diabetes.

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