The cause of the deterioration of vision can be a… tired feet

The discovery was made by scientists from New Zealand, has considerable practical value, as it can reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists and runners. When the load on the legs get tired not only muscles but also the eyes.

Fans far Cycling and marathon running (not to mention professional athletes) should be very attentive on the road: physical fatigue can cause not only confusion, but also, oddly enough, the deterioration of visual function.

A similar relationship was discovered by scientists from the University of new Zealand Auckland (University of Auckland).

They are invited to participate in the study, about 20 of Cycling, as well as representatives of professional Cycling.

All were asked for 3 hours to simulate Cycling using stationary bike. Before starting the experiment and after its completion, scientists recorded eye movements of participants using special cameras.

They found that after the “races” on the bike the eye movements of subjects were significantly slowed down – they belatedly reacted to the appearance in the field of view of virtual items, which was not before training. The visual acuity of participants was not reduced.

It is noteworthy that the scientists who discovered this phenomenon almost immediately (albeit almost accidentally) has found an effective tool for removing this specific eye fatigue.

They found the usual caffeine: when the subjects in the course of the event received caffeine in amounts equal to that found in 2 cups of coffee, specific eye fatigue they arose.

Now the same group of researchers is embarking on a new study to examine how affect vision taking anti-depressants.

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