Best hangover remedy – ice cream with the juice of exotic fruits

There are many ways to eliminate painful morning feeling associated with rapid libations the previous evening. And in supermarkets in South Korea has a new flavor of ice cream designed just for men, exhausted with a hangover.

The classic method of getting rid of hangover on the principle of “curing like with like” is unacceptable to employees of large Asian companies. On the other hand, people hard drunk the day before (for example, after conclusion of the contract), needs to be relieved of his fortune and rehabilitation.

In the Republic of Korea (Republic of Korea), this problem is now solved with the new varieties of ice cream, whose recipe was developed by the specialists of a network of supermarkets Withme FS.

We can assume that the sale of ice cream, called Gyeondyo-bar, significantly increase revenue stores: because among all the countries of the Asian continent, South Korea is the first place in alcohol consumption per capita.

The secret of ice cream, a nice taste of grapes is that it contains dihydromyricetin, component of the fruit of the so-called candy tree, have another name – sweet retreat (Hovenia dulcis).

The juice of the fruit for 500 years has been used in Korean folk medicine for the treatment of a hangover – it was usually added in hot soup, “the true remedy” for getting rid of painful feelings, and only in our days of juice was allocated substance dihydromyricetin.
During experiments with rats it was discovered that this compound within 5 minutes normalizes brain function of animals, which is intravenously injected a large dose of ethanol.

A dose of alcohol that was administered to rats, was very important, they meet 15-20 mugs of beer, drunk man for 2 hours.

Representatives Withme FS report that will soon begin the export of “hangover” from ice cream in several countries.

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