A vitamin deficiency as one of the causes of migraines in young generation

Researchers have discovered that many boys and girls cause painful headaches can be a banal avitaminosis, lack of certain vitamins. In such cases, migraines can be eliminated without strong analgesics.

Migraines differ from ordinary headaches regularity and intensity of pain. The reasons for which appears excruciating pain, sometimes lasting for many hours, often can not be established.

And staff at the medical center at the children’s hospital in the U.S. city Cicinnati (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center) argue that in many cases the development of migraines is due to deficiency of vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, as well as the lack of coenzyme Q10. This coenzyme helps the body cells to absorb oxygen with maximum efficiency.

Scientists from Cicinnati studied data from the medical records of more than 7 600 children, teenagers and boys and girls aged 17-18 years old who sought medical help for migraine pain.
The case histories were the results of the analyses of all participants on the concentration of vitamins and coenzyme Q10 in the blood.

Scientists have discovered that low levels of Riboflavin was observed in 15% of study participants. Almost 35% had reduced levels of Q10, and vitamin D deficiency was observed in more than 70% of the subjects.
The lack of the “sunshine vitamin” D is very frequently encountered in adolescent boys and young men.

Scientists believe that it was necessary to conduct a new study with a much larger number of participants, and should be installed as intake of vitamin preparations will affect the frequency and intensity of migraines.

If the results are positive, a significant portion of the 37 million Americans who suffer from regular headaches, will be able to get rid of them without taking painkillers, which have many side effects.

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