Smart children often born to women who fruit

Scientists say that women who during pregnancy regularly eat fruit, children, as a rule, are born more gifted. Even at the age of just 1 year, these kids are characterized by higher development of intelligence. The inclusion of older people in the diet rich in fruits is effective in the prevention of many diseases – […]

The disease of two sisters – the role of heredity in the development of breast cancer

The authors of scientific and scientific-popular publications right in saying that many cancer cases could be avoided through a healthy lifestyle. However, the presence of relatives with cancer – the reason for the checks at the doctor. The regular and numerous reports in the media about the sinister role of Smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyle […]

Dogs will be used for rapid diagnosis of malaria

Unusually keen instinct of dogs is used by mankind for various purposes for millennia. But only in our days it was found that man’s best friend can detect different diseases – including malaria. Already well established, that after training the dog nearly instantly and accurately identify patients the presence of some forms of cancer (e.g., […]

Porn causes impotence, how does this happen?

Internet pornography may be to blame for the increase in the number of young men suffering from erectile problems — impotence started to affect more and more sexually active men younger than 40 years. To cure them, will help sildenafilo. Research suggests that in many cases the fault of the pornography on the Internet. Scientists […]

New data on the dangers of shift work to health

In recent years, research on the health effects of work on a rolling basis, found many previously unknown harmful effects. It was revealed that shift work is associated with risk of very bad strokes. Over the past 5-6 years in the scientific literature, several publications have appeared in which the authors reported they found various […]