Smartphones can cause temporary vision loss

Usually loss of vision for a few minutes or hours is considered by doctors as a symptom of minor stroke. And British physicians reported 2 cases of transient blindness, which was the result of viewing smartphone display with one eye in the dark. Usually in medical journals published articles that described the results of long […]

For premature babies breast milk and food, and “heart medicine”

The study of beneficial effects on the body of infants breast milk is already dedicated hundreds of scientific studies. However, scientists continue to discover previously unknown beneficial properties of this unique food created by nature. It is known that children who ate during the first 6-10 months of life exclusively with mother’s milk, less likely […]

Family scandals harm the physical health of the spouses

Regular quarrels between husband and wife are powerful psychological stress for both spouses, which can cause insomnia and nervous disorders. However, this stress is able to provoke and dangerous “bodily” disease. There are various models of the behavior of the spouses during family scandals: during the showdown, the way emotions can give both spouses and […]

From brain-injured athletes will protect the special collar

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy threatens not only the fighters and fans of martial arts, but also representatives of such sports as American football, ice hockey and Rugby. To protect the brains of athletes created a special collar. Recently, scientists have discovered that representatives of many sports apart from the usual concussions and threaten the long-term effects […]

To quit Smoking “easy” is successful will be approximately the 30th attempt…

Those who tried to break up with cigarettes, you know how difficult the task is… Very soon “hunger” for nicotine becomes intolerable and treacherous hand again reaches for the pack. But scientists recommend not to be afraid of relapses and to undertake new attempts. The authors of a new study investigating the effectiveness of different […]

5 signs of diabetes

Diabetes can occur at any age. Often patients the first time not even aware of the problem and continue to lead a normal lifestyle. Although at initial stage it is possible to effectively fight the disease. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms and signs of disease. 1st Constant thirst and frequent urination. The […]